Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pumpkin Spice Everything! (Dorian Wallace)

If you are familiar with me at all, you know I LIVE for Autumn. It borders on unnatural, but I've realized, I'm definitely not alone in my love of all things Fall. I love the cool weather, the golden light, the amazing palate of nature, football, the rainy days, the smell of bonfires....Summer cookouts have their own magickal smell, but don't compare to a fire pit.

But, can we talk about the pumpkin spice thing for a moment? The over saturation has kind of killed my love for the stuff. Seriously, that shit is on and in EVERYTHING now! Pumpkin Spice lattes, Pumkin Spice Cheerios, Pumpkin Spice M&M's....candles, air fresheners, Oreo's, (well, they've kind of gotten ridiculous with their flavors lately), it's everywhere. But that's what happens right? Marketers figure out that we like something and they go overboard and take the novelty out of it. Look at what they're doing to Sriracha. And, can you find anything that's NOT Gluten free now? These money grubbers take something special and ruin it....maybe not the gluten thing, I don't know enough about that to bitch. But seriously, I kinda have a love/hate relationship with Pumpkin Spice now.

I obviously love Autumn with a passion and am excited to see the leaves are already starting to get that end of Summer hue of light green and dull yellow. The air is cooling a bit as well, but I am in North Carolina, so the humidity has yet to piss off. My youngest son starts school tomorrow, so I think I will take some time and curl up with a good book....or actually get some work done.

What are your thoughts on Pumpkin Spice and what are you excited about this Season?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Fond Farewell (Dorian Wallace)

I would like to take a moment to thank Dannette Wilson for all of her wonderful contributions to Around The Cauldron and Desperate House Witches. We have enjoyed her contributions immensely and will miss her. We wish her well in everything she does and always have an open door.

We love ya woman!

Raina & Dorian

Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution and Vengeance (Dannette Wilson)


Greek goddess of vengeance, personification of divine wrath, from Greek nemesis "just indignation, righteous anger," literally "distribution" (of what is due), related to nemein "distribute, allot, apportion one's due," in the sense of "retributive justice."

Nemesis is honored in the celebration known as ‘Nemesea’ or the Festival of Nemesis on August 23rd.

The hand of Nemesis balances the scales of justice.

She untangles the threads spun by the Fates.

Lift the burden of this problem, great Nemesis.

Guide me to the solution.” DJ Conway

Nemesis is the goddess of divine retribution, indignation and revenge. She maintains the balance of justice, bringing either happiness of unhappiness. She worked especially in matters of love with unfair treatment. She punished those who deserve it and rewards others.

Nemesis is the Goddess who punished Narcissus for his arrogance by leading him to a pool to see his own reflection. He fell so in love with it that he died there.

In particular, she was invoked against those whose hubris and arrogance got the better of them, and served as a force of divine reckoning. Originally, she was a deity who simply doled out what people had coming to them, whether good or bad.

According to Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks, by Robert Garland, her festival, held each year, was seen as a way to console the spirits of those who had met a violent end. The festival was also a way to keep the angry spirits from taking out their frustrations on those still living.

Nemesis is often represented by a pair of scales, or the sword of divine vengeance

Today, many Hellenic Pagans still hold celebrations in honor of Nemesis, acknowledging both her power over the living and as a goddess of the dead. In the Orphic Hymns, Hymn 61 is a prayer to honor Nemesis:

Thee, Nemesis, I call, almighty queen,
by whom the deeds of mortal life are seen:
eternal, much revered, of boundless sight,
alone rejoicing in the just and right.

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