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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Author Tonia Brown

Are you all in for a treat, our friend, fellow witch and author extraordinaire will be joining us to talk about her sexy and humorous books. I have been fortunate enough to know this lady for sixteen years, when I had joined North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca, (my now 18 year old was still in diapers!), and have always enjoyed her storytelling and brand of humor. She and her husband and previous guest, Tony Brown, are the founders. When she decided to get into the writing business I was elated for both her and the rest of the world. Working mostly in the Horror and sometimes Steampunk, this woman can weave an awesome zombie story that will take you to the edge of your seat and make you laugh. You can find more about Tonia on her website, Back Seat Writer. Check out some of the stories she has (Sweet Bread is my fav), you won't regret it....then go buy her books....and since you will want to become her new best friend, friend her on FaceBook! You may even get a snark or two from her evil twin sister when visiting....don't worry, she doesn't break the skin when she bites ;) Bonus pic of Tonia and Dorian when we were babies at the 2nd annual Beltane Brouhaha!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Danette Wilson

Danette Wilson is a 2nd Degree Witch, who loves to study religions from Santeria to Hoodoo to Voodoo and beyond. She attends Festivals, and Workshops when not writing and adores photography. Born on a Wednesday during the witching hour, Celtic Irish and Scottish on her Dad's side, with Mom's side blending a Grandpa Gypsy tarot reader from Budapest, Hungary and a Grandma from Bratislava, Slovakia. A love of exploring, and travel from living with the Masai in Africa, to climbing Tulum in Mexico, to tracing the path of Dracula through the Romanian countryside. Life is a journey. She is also a writer for the pagan e paper The Sunday Stew Catch us Friday night! Show Link

Friday, August 7, 2015


is over! It was a much needed respite, but we have missed you all! Hope your Summer has been treating you well, I know there has been a lot of weird vibage going on in the air. We will be joined by Taliesin Govannon for our return show, and be discussing what is going on in the political arena and which candidates actually have a shot at the nomination. A lot has gone on in the past month: More shootings, more candidates, Jon Stewart departed the airwaves for a while, lots of exciting things announced during Comic Con, friends and family losing loved ones and fur's been interesting and sometimes heartbreaking. One recent occurrence, was Wicca being tied to a horrible murder investigation. My heart goes out to the victims in this crime, but I stand along side Selena Fox and the Lady Liberty League in admonishing the person responsible for linking a nature based religion with this vile act. That is NOT how Wicca works and I invite the populace to please do a little bit of research before buying into this accusation. We hope you will join us or catch us in the archives! [Show Link] Bright Blessings! Dorian

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Luna 13

Which was created by one of our favorite humans on the planet, Jade Sol Luna. Not only is he a Musician, he is an Author, and an Asterian Astrologer. He will be joining us to talk about his music and his stay at the infamous Cecil Hotel and his experiences in the rooms of Elisa Lam and The Nightstalker, Richard Ramirez. Check out the hyper links for more information on Jade. A few of my favorite videos:

Show link

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Mistress of Mojo

That's right folks! It's that time again, when the incomparable Dorothy Morrison joins us for a night of giggles and magick. You should also know, she usually comes bearing amazing new limited products and deals! Check out her Social Media Sale today. You can also check out her store, Wicked Witch Studios, for more of her offerings...including some awesome coffee cups! In the mood for some reading and spells? Dorothy has books too, some thumpin good ones! Sit a spell in her Library, or check out her Official Website. Today is the New Moon and this Saturday marks the beginning of Summer with the Solstice. What are everyone's plans? I will do my usual ceremony at twilight.....y'all know, Dorian is not a fan of the heat and we have a lot of it down here in the South. Dorian is also not a fan of speaking in the third person either.....but there ya go. I know we were missing last week, but I want to thank you for your patience because I had an amazing weekend. My husband and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary and our oldest graduated from High School yesterday. I am, admittedly, a bundle of different emotions in the aftermath, but very proud. Raina is doing well after her latest round at the Dr., good mojo is appreciated though. So, back to work....doing some tweaks on the website, writing a bit and doing some readings. B*B

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pagan Pundit

We will be doing our monthly political catch up with Taliesin Govannon this week. Taliesin will do what he does best, explain what the hell is going on with the people we put in charge and what chance some of these jokers looking to be in charge actually have of getting there. He does a wonderful job of talking us off the ledge every month and filtering out the media hype. We missed you all last week. I had a wonderful time at ConCarolina's catching up with my old author friends, making new ones, reading cards and making a decision to rework my books and launch them again in the near future. We are back for this week, next week Raina and I have pre-scheduled engagements......but we will return with the one an only Mistress of Mojo!! Tune in tomorrow for a bit of tarot, political know how, a lude joke or two and my adventure at the zoo with a bunch of second graders!! Depending on how the trip goes, there may be copious amounts of wine being had ;) Show