Thursday, November 19, 2015

Surviving the Holidays with a little Magic with Danette Wilson

Yes, it's that time of year again. We sit around the table, try to stay sane with a multitude of expectations and lists floating through the day to day. Accomplishments, decorating, invites, gifts, money woes, crazy crowds at stores are all things that can take the Magic out of anyone's Holiday. But....aren't you happy you landed here, for some awesome TLC. You can listen to Desperate House Witches on this Friday 11/20/15, where we will be discussing bringing therapeutic Magic into our Holidays. I've also laid out some remedies here to hold you over, so you can prepare for next week, Thanksgiving and beyond. It's never too soon to plan your approach, so here we go.

 1. Crystal Grids..yes they work. You can control the flow of energy. Space some around the house, around a room, try it out. You will see and feel the difference.

Anti negativity- use hematite, black tourmaline
Harmony and communication- clear quartz , blue agate, pyrite Family- carnelian, citrine
Love- aventrine, rose quartz

2. Herbs we cook with...yes, as you add them to dishes work your intent in as well, love, harmony, a wonderful season......
Marjoram- protection, love, healing
Rosemary- love, power, healing, protection
Sage- wishes, wisdom, protection, healing
Thyme-psychic, courage, healing, renews your energy, and wards off negative energy
Cinnamon- prosperity, aphrodisiac, heal, cleanse, spiritual vibrations
Clove- use to dispel negativity, protective, even bind those who speak ill of you, (sprinkle the chair of the pest you need to win over at the table).

3. The color of our candles even the colors we decorate with are important to consider as well. I could give you a whole list, but it is also what you like and the meanings you group with each! One year I did all lavenders and purples on the tree and around house and remember the stress being so not there.
Lavender- protection, intuition
Purple- wisdom, psychic, authority, spiritual awareness
Gold- fortune, fast luck, positive attitude
Silver- stability, intuition, magick,victory, communication

4. Declutter: only put out happy stuff and less is more.

5. Remember humor.

6. Put things in perspective.

When all is said and done it's really only 5 weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year, and Gift certificates and cards are your best friend. Wow I'm more relaxed just writing this. Listen to us Friday night for more insight, and until then I can also be found at my blog, Red Witches Journey.

  Danette Wilson

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just because you're ahead in a poll, doesn't mean you're winning.

Taliesin Govannon joins us at his, unscheduled time, to lay down some political knowledge. He was kind enough to reschedule due to my youngest son's Birthday because he's awesome like that! The political scene has gone from comical, to scary, to..."What the hell did he just say?" Now, the election is really far away, but we are seeing Trump leading the GOP pack and Clinton and Sanders see-sawing back and fourth, so what does this mean so early in the game? Will we see anyone else jump into the game or out, like Perry? Join us this Friday to get the lowdown. HERE

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Witch is back!

And has she got something special for you....Dorothy Morrison returns this Friday to chat and show off her new goodies. We are so excited about her limited edition, coffin boxes! The packages are numbered and signed by Dorothy and contain a black poppet, a pin, a vial of "Sucks to Be You," oil, a small packet of Graveyard Dirt and scrolled instructions along with the coffin box for $30 USD. Here's a sneak preview:
They go on sale Friday September 11th, but they are going to go quick! There are only 100 available in the US, (Raina and I have already reserved ours,) and 50 to be sold exclusively in the UK via, The Angry Cauldron. We will post the link when it goes live HERE, on our Facebook page, on the show link, on Twitter and Google plus. Keep an eye on Dorothy's page as well. In the meantime, go peruse Wicked Witch Studios and see what other goodies Dorothy has available :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Author Tonia Brown

Are you all in for a treat, our friend, fellow witch and author extraordinaire will be joining us to talk about her sexy and humorous books. I have been fortunate enough to know this lady for sixteen years, when I had joined North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca, (my now 18 year old was still in diapers!), and have always enjoyed her storytelling and brand of humor. She and her husband and previous guest, Tony Brown, are the founders. When she decided to get into the writing business I was elated for both her and the rest of the world. Working mostly in the Horror and sometimes Steampunk, this woman can weave an awesome zombie story that will take you to the edge of your seat and make you laugh. You can find more about Tonia on her website, Back Seat Writer. Check out some of the stories she has (Sweet Bread is my fav), you won't regret it....then go buy her books....and since you will want to become her new best friend, friend her on FaceBook! You may even get a snark or two from her evil twin sister when visiting....don't worry, she doesn't break the skin when she bites ;) Bonus pic of Tonia and Dorian when we were babies at the 2nd annual Beltane Brouhaha!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Danette Wilson

Danette Wilson is a 2nd Degree Witch, who loves to study religions from Santeria to Hoodoo to Voodoo and beyond. She attends Festivals, and Workshops when not writing and adores photography. Born on a Wednesday during the witching hour, Celtic Irish and Scottish on her Dad's side, with Mom's side blending a Grandpa Gypsy tarot reader from Budapest, Hungary and a Grandma from Bratislava, Slovakia. A love of exploring, and travel from living with the Masai in Africa, to climbing Tulum in Mexico, to tracing the path of Dracula through the Romanian countryside. Life is a journey. She is also a writer for the pagan e paper The Sunday Stew Catch us Friday night! Show Link

Friday, August 7, 2015


is over! It was a much needed respite, but we have missed you all! Hope your Summer has been treating you well, I know there has been a lot of weird vibage going on in the air. We will be joined by Taliesin Govannon for our return show, and be discussing what is going on in the political arena and which candidates actually have a shot at the nomination. A lot has gone on in the past month: More shootings, more candidates, Jon Stewart departed the airwaves for a while, lots of exciting things announced during Comic Con, friends and family losing loved ones and fur's been interesting and sometimes heartbreaking. One recent occurrence, was Wicca being tied to a horrible murder investigation. My heart goes out to the victims in this crime, but I stand along side Selena Fox and the Lady Liberty League in admonishing the person responsible for linking a nature based religion with this vile act. That is NOT how Wicca works and I invite the populace to please do a little bit of research before buying into this accusation. We hope you will join us or catch us in the archives! [Show Link] Bright Blessings! Dorian