Sunday, July 24, 2016

Crom Cruach The Other Wickerman (Danette Wilson)

The Wickerman wasn’t the only documented history of Pagan sacrifice. You see, Ireland has a history too….of blood sacrifice.

Crom Cruach was a god of pre-Christian Ireland. According to Christian writers, he was propitiated with human sacrifice and his worship was ended by Saint Patrick.

He is related to the folkloric figure Crom Dubh. The festival for Crom Cruach is called Domhnach Crom Dubh, Crom Dubh Sunday.

A decorated stone known as the Killycluggin Stone has been interpreted by some as the cult image of Crom Cruach. It was found at Killycluggin, County Cavan. It was discovered broken in several pieces and partly buried close to a Bronze Age stone circle.

Aah yes...sacrifice in exchange for milk and grain suggest that Crom had a function as fertility god. The description of his image as a gold figure surrounded by twelve stone or bronze figures has been interpreted by some as representing the sun surrounded by the signs of the zodiac, suggesting a function as solar deity.

According to an Irish dinsenchas ("place-lore") poem in the 12th century Book of Leinster, Crom Cruach's cult image, consisting of a gold figure surrounded by twelve stone figures, stood on Magh Slécht ("the plain of prostration") in County Cavan, and was propitiated with first-born sacrifice in exchange for good yields of milk and grain. Crom is said to have been worshiped since the time of Érimón. An early High King, Tigernmas, along with three quarters of his army, is said to have died while worshiping Crom, but worship continued until the cult image was destroyed by St. Patrick with a sledgehammer.

Crom Cruach's name takes several forms "bent, crooked one", "bloody crooked one", "crooked stack of corn", "crooked one of the mound".
An old reference to Crom in ogham writing is translated: 'In it Cruach was and twelve idols of stone around him and himself of gold'.
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Burn Out. (Dorian Wallace)

I'm over was way past over it. We have had politics shoved in our faces from every outlet we watch or use. I'm guilty of adding my two cents in as well as everyone else and that's our right....but I am taking a long break. And the devastation sweeping the world. I seriously am having a hard time now keeping up with the latest tragedy because there seems to be a new one everyday.

I am unplugging and disengaging from certain things for a while for my own sanity. A good bit of us in the community are empath and this sort of global energy hits us sideways. Media is the biggest culprit in my book...they feed us what they want us to hear and we ask for seconds, thirds and fourths.

For me, I have cut my facebook time down to once a day....since it seems to be the biggest source of my stress. I have stopped posting about politics and tragedies and unfairness because it only fuels the sorrow and anger. It's not that I don't care, I just don't have the mental energy to respond to each and every thing. It hurts and is effecting my psyche.

I'm not the social media police and no one is under any obligation to make anyone else feel comfortable....but when my desire to unfollow half of my friends list because their posts can be upsetting....I know it's time to step out of the room so to speak.

I wish you all peace, kindness and tranquillity this week. Step away if you can, hug your loved ones...especially the fur at a stranger, go for a walk or ride, go swimming....go spread love.

Bright Blessings!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Judika Illes Returns

We are so happy to have Judika Illes back to discuss her new book, The Big Book of Practical Spells and her upcoming appearances, like Templefest in New Hampshire. You may remember Christopher Penczak, speaking about Temple of Witchcraft when he was on. She recently was out promoting her latest book at Mirabai Books in Woodstock, NY.

I will reiterate from our last post from 2012....she is a world class spell collector, tarot reader, psychic, teacher, speaker and an independent scholar. If you have not had the pleasure of reading her books or hear her speak, you are in for a treat. I encourage you to follow her Facebook Fan page, where she regularly drops knowledge, announcements and interesting articles. If you are more of a Twitter person, you can follow her HERE.

We hope you'll join us Friday night as we catch up with another one of our favorite Witches, Judika Illes.