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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Llium Stregormir Hernson



    Runes and Rune Magic – An 8 week course in Rune Lore. o Will be offering a free online introductory class in October, possibly to follow with the full 8 week course via webcast you can purchase with PayPal.

    Crossroads – Where Science and Spirituality Meet – A 6 week study group where participants learn about Quantum Reality, Quantum Magick, and how to work with the Universal Laws.

  Advanced Rune Magic – A course (not determined how many classes yet) on advanced rune magic scripts and ritual design. http://www.thesilverbroomministries.org/


  New York Witch Festival – October 27th in Smithtown, Long Island, a one day event. Will be a guest speaker, presenting a workshop on Runes and Rune Magic, and an Introduction to Rune Tarot. http://www.witchfestival.com/

  Rune Tarot Deck Signing – (TBD) at the Silver Broom Ministries in Sayville, Long Island. A one day event to celebrate the publication of The Rune Tarot deck. http://www.thesilverbroomministries.org/
The Rune Tarot is a full 78 card Tarot Deck that uses the traditional imagery of Tarot with a neo-pagan influence, combined with runes from the Elder Futhark. Each card use clear 3D graphics and incorporate Runes into the design that support and augment the divinatory meanings used in Tarot.

 o Kickstarter Project ends on Sept 15th at 3:20pm. At the time of the show, there will be 32 days left to get a signed and numbered deck from the first printed version of the Rune Tarot. Go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/19110876/rune-tarot-deck and choose a package.

  Special packages for those close enough to attend the Silver Broom events called Enchanted Evening. These happen every 3rd Thursday of the month, where guests can get Tarot, Reiki, and now Rune and Astrology readings all for $1/minute.

  Special packages for anyone who plans to attend the Witch Festival, where I will also be doing Tarot Readings and Rune Casts during the event prior to and after the workshop.