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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Break Time

You may have heard us mention on Friday's show that we will be taking a break this week, but we will be back next Friday, September 14th with Rob Grillo.

A relative asked me an interesting question the other day, how do explain to a child that witches are not scary without giving her a fluff answer. Now, it was easy for me to explain to my children because I have been a witch for 25 years and I live it every day. I've never had to answer that question before and I was very touched that he would take the time to understand and explain it.

I told him to show her the difference between a witch in a movie and a flesh and blood person, I told him he could show her my picture as an example. We are Mommy's and Daddy's, some of us have pets, we go to work like normal people and as much as we would love to be able to fly around on brooms, we can't. I also explained a bit about how we celebrate nature and many Gods, but I know that might be too much info for a 4 year old to grasp.

So what are ways you've all dealt with explaining the difference to a child? Any suggestions? Leave a comment, we would love to hear your opinions! :)

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