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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rev. Lori Bruno

The multi talented Lori Bruno will be joining us! She has just opened her own shop in Salem, MA on Pickering Warf called MajickaShe is a Hereditary High Priestess and Elder of the Sicilian Strega line of the Craft of the Wise. founder and Head Mother of Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church, Inc. And did you know, she once worked for NASA? The amazing knowledge and heart of this woman is limitless! 

Having been dear friends and having studied under Dr. Leo Martello she continues the tradition of generosity by being an advocate for children. In 1996 she was awarded a certificate by then Gov. George Dukakis, "Protection of the Children of the Commonwealth." In addition to OLLTRC, Lori has also founded Sacred Paths Alliance Network, (SPAN) est. 1993, and Protective Organization of Witches and Earth Religions, (POWER) est 1995, for religious freedom. SPAN is a charitable organization which gives 110 percent of all monies raised to AIDS related charities, mainly the Children's AIDS Program House of Boston.

Right now is the busy season in Salem, but Nonna is always free with the hug give away's, so no matter what season you happen to be in town, stop by and say hi. You can schedule a reading with Rev. Bruno by calling (978) 741-9297 or her store number (978) 740-9297 . You can find more information please visit Lori Bruno's Official Website. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus..

Join Us on the 19th at 9 pm EST Friday the 30th!