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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A second helping of Ian Corrigan

Ian Corrigan is an American Neopagan writer, teacher, musician and ritualist whose work has influenced both the Wiccan and Neo-druidic branches of the Pagan movement. His work of books can be found HERE and his music can be found HERE: One of his amazing books: The Grimoire of the Court of Brigid is a suite of rituals that allow the magician to gain the aid of one of the most beloved of the Celtic deities – Brigid the High One. Through her blessing the magician calls various spirits. The spirits are convoked in friendship and alliance with no element of coercion or threat. The Court of Brigid grimoire is focused firmly on practical work,from the creation of the proper sacrifice ground to the Three Rites by which the alliances are made, to spells and boon-rites for specific goals. The names, powers and sigils of twenty-eight spirits are presented. The work of the Court of Brigid is unique in current occult publishing – a system of formal evocation based firmly in a polytheistic (not to mention Celtic) context. Let the Fire of Offering be lit, and the spirits come to our call! He can also be seen in Dark of Moon with our former and future guest (Nov. 2nd), Taliesin Govannon. We are excited to have Mr. Corrigan back!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Guest Andrieh Vitimus

Vitimus holds the highest initiatory rank in Hatian Vodou, that of Hougan Asogwe. He is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, a NLP practitioner and a licensed hypnotherapist. Currently, he is a faculty member at Peter Carroll’s Acronorium College.

Andrieh is the host of the international, successful radio show, Deeper Down the Rabbit Show and has taught at conventions across the Midwest.  Some of those would include Crucible, Starwood, Sirius Rising, Babylon Rising, Conovation, Real Witches Ball, various Pagan Prides and more.

For more information on Andrieh, check out his website!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Open Mic Night

So normally we post about our guests in this spot, but since we are having an open mic night.....we're gonna pimp ourselves!!

Not sure if you knew, but Raina creates meditation beads for my shop, Cobaltraven's Magickal Notions! She has her own spotlight for Starrcrossed Creations within the store HERE. Recently, she has started making wearable meditation beads that can double as a necklace, so be on the look out for those in the coming months!

I've been up to my elbows in jobs and I am SO grateful for it. Recent additions that I can talk about are the fact that I now offer E-Formatting to authors and publishers. Simple, straightforward and at VERY affordable prices! I don't believe in gouging. I've also added a few cool new things to CMN just in time for Halloween, like.....

Zombie Flamingo

Gnombie (zombie gnome)

A new section for boxes and chests

and as always, am available for Tarot Readings!

Come play with us this Friday :) at Desperate House Witches!