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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dragon Ritual Drummers are back!

We didn't have our blog up the first time around and if you missed that episode, please check it out HERE.
Headed by Witchdoctor Utu, who is a Witchdoctor in the North American Voodoo tradition and also founder of the Niagra Voodoo Shrine
 Dragon Ritual Drummers, are the most sought after and demanded pagan drum troupe at the top tier spiritual and pagan festivals, and is the #1 pagan drum troupe on the planet. The world and tribal music from the Dragon Ritual Drummers opens the gates to the realm of serpent magik and voodoo gods.....Oh and we like to have a good time, and pretty much party like the Viking hordes of yore. They really are a fun group of guys and we are really looking forward to having them back to talk with us!

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We hope you'll join us Friday at 9 pm EST! Show Link