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Monday, May 6, 2013

Total Danarchy!

Handsome American author, screenwriter, actor and artist. As a handsome published writer he is responsible for two novels, numerous short stories, and a post-apocalyptic series called Everwind. He is one of two screenwriters for the web television series Proxy Influence,  (pre-production) and co-founder of Manarchy Magazine.
Hale is also heavily involved in the tarot community, known mostly for his award-nominated Inappropriate Tarot Readings, (and his handsomeness), a collection of satirical tarot posts that appear throughout several social media outlets. Because of the success of Inappropriate Tarot on Facebook, he designed and produced all the art for the Darkana Tarot deck, which has won two awards....the 2012 Pecto Award for outstanding First Work of an Illustrator and the Tarosophists Award For Best Self-published Tarot Deck of 2012. 

And did we mention he is handsome??

You can find all of his products HERE.