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Monday, June 10, 2013

Lake Okeechobee Summer Solstice Pagan Festival

We will be talking to Bruce Mullins owner of Indigo Crescent Metaphysical Shop and host of the first annual Lake Okeechobee Summer Solstice Pagan Festival, June 19th - 23rd.

The festival initially got the church community of Pahokee up in arms calling the event and abomination. You can read the outrage HERE. Luckily the Lady Liberty League got involved and Rev. Peter Dybing was able to explain what the Pagan community is about and managed to calm and assuage the group from protesting the event......

“‘What I am here asking is not for your support, or your approval, but your tolerance for our right to engage in religious activity. If anyone were to protest the activities of your church, our community, would, if asked, come to your defense. We ask only the same, please don’t protest our event’. After Rev. Dybing’s statements, the pastor who organized the meeting declared to all present that there would be ‘No Protest.’ He and Peter Dybing shook hands; a significant gesture in heated times. Rev. Dybing stated that if members of their community wanted to pray for our community, we would welcome such prayers as we see all prayer as a good thing. It was clear that LLL’s approach of outreach at this meeting had had a profound effect on the proceedings.” ~~via The Wild Hunt

So, if you are in the area next weekend, please go and support this event, it's vendors, guests and amazing array of performers! If you can't make it you can always show your support by purchasing a tee shirt, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Lady Liberty League. Admission and meals prices can be found HERE.