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Monday, July 8, 2013

Don Michael Kraig

The multi-talented Kraig has been a very influential contributor to the Pagan community for many years. He was initiated into Adrian Witchcraft by author Raven Grimassi and into American Traditionalist Witchcraft by the late Scott Cunningham. This Renaissance man has been a musician, a teacher, a clinical hypnotherapist, an author, editor, major article contributor and blogger to Llewellyn Worldwide. One of his most controversial posing the question, is the Wiccan Rede ethical? Part two can be found HERE. He has also made several television, radio and stage appearances, we are happy to be added to that extensive list. 

There is still room for his upcoming webinar, (June 28th), on Tarot & Magick so be sure to hurry up register HERE while space is still available! There will be others if you can't make this one, so be sure to keep an eye on his schedule.You can find more extensive information on his website, Modern Magick, or follow him on Facebook. Also, check out his free short story!

Please join Raina and I in welcoming Mr. Kraig this Friday at 9 pm EST on Desperate House Witches.