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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Context Matters: Raina Starr

Well, at least I remember when it did.

It’s been my observation that people have become so angry over the last five to seven years.  Why?  Why is the idea of taking sides against anything and everything, so alluring?  Is it our base nature, our animal instinct, if you will?  What turns completely calm and rational people into snarling packs of wild dogs at the drop of a hat?  Are we lacking something important in our lives that we have such a need to destroy that with which we don’t agree?
What the hell happened, people?
Sh*t, haven’t you ever made a mistake?  Misspeak?  Drop a ball?
One of the current outrages has been over Chrissie Hynde’s comments regarding rape.  Her comments alluded to the idea that perhaps certain actions or clothes would, or could, lessen the chances of a woman being assaulted.
Before anyone jumps, I need to say this:  Ms. Hynde has previously acknowledged that she was raped.  I acknowledge that I have been raped.
Come to think of it, more women that I know were raped, than were not.  That is a sad and horrible fact.
However, in spite of knowing that my incident was no fault of my own…I have to admit to asking myself what I might have done differently to avoid being in such a situation.  Is it possible that Ms. Hynde has often asked herself the same question?  Could it be that she’s still asking?  We have to remember that we are talking about a 63 year old woman.  She remembers an adulthood pre-cell phone.  The world as it is now is not the world in which she was raised.  1951 was not a year where women were empowered with anything more than a new vacuum cleaner or a “great” oven.  She was raised by people from another time, old ideas, old values and possible accusations (my own father was never even told that I had been assaulted because it was a known fact that he would blame me).  In addition, money, fame and fortune do not make you a freakin’ rocket scientist.
Do I agree with her comments?  No.
Do I think what she said in a public forum was completely moronic and stupid?  Absolutely.
But I don’t believe that means she should be ripped to shreds and have her life destroyed.
There actually was a time when opinions could be different, but parties could still be respectful.  We’ve stopped looking at each other as whole people…as the sum of rearing and life experiences.
Perhaps we should drop it down a notch, lest we have nose-bleed from that high horse.  I’d want the same pass, wouldn’t you?

Until next time, may you be blessed by the Gods.