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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Reading Matters: Raina Starr

Back at what seems like the dawn of time, there was a test kids used to get in grade school.  The teacher would have you read a short story.  Your task would then be to answer a series of questions based on it.  The test was to show you could read, comprehend and interpret the content.
So why now did we stop reading for ourselves?  Why are we so willing to let hearsay and rumor be considered the entirety of the information?  When did we become a collective that allows others to tell us what to believe, how to feel, what should cause our outrage?
Be careful.  This is very much how churches get what they want out of their congregants.  They tell the faithful what “The Book” means and everyone says, “Amen!”.

We are not those people.  We believe in independent thought, critical thinking, sound judgment based on facts…right?

You wouldn’t know it if you watch social media.
We read a headline, and boom.  We are off to the races on our anger.
Headlines are meant to grab your attention, but they should not be considered the whole story.
We remember what happened when Cecil the Lion was shot.  Everyone screamed for the head of the dentist who killed him.  As loud as that information was, there was very little said about the big game company that lured the lion off his reserve to enable (perhaps encourage) his death to happen.  It should also be noted that big game hunting is legal where the incident occurred.  Was the company prosecuted, fined, or shut down?  I know the dentist was pretty much given an implied death-sentence.  His career was certainly destroyed.

Let’s all be honest here.  Who had even heard of Cecil the Lion before this happened?  I know I hadn’t.  The truth is, you probably hadn’t either.

Please note: I am not defending anyone.  I do not believe in hunting for sport.  I love lions (when I was little, I used to pretend that I was Joy Adamson).

I merely bring these things up as ideas for your consideration.

Until next time, may you be blessed by the Gods.