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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Consent (Dorian Wallace)

There is a disturbance in the force....well, at least it's disturbing. Listen, most people don't mind ogling or a friendly hug, but touching or groping is expressly by invite only...PERIOD! Last night I saw a post by someone in our community saying that if women bare their cleavage then men are free to grope it. No mister, you are not. As the warmer weather festivities get underway, the clothing gets lighter, shorter and more revealing. Beltane especially, where often people are skyclad. This is still not an invitation to touch, grope or assault any individual....seriously....no touchy! If someone gives you permission, then by all means, get your groove on. I have found that most men in the Pagan and Heathen communities are protective and non invasive to their Sisters and the path, and we cherish them. They will slap down any man who is not respectful toward us.

What I'm saying is, this behavior is not accepted and any individual doing so should be called out publicly and shamed. If you see this happening, tell someone. If it happens to you, PLEASE, report it.

To men who think this way....shame on you! You don't get to tell women how to dress, act, walk, what facial expression to adopt, who to date, to kiss our girlfriend/wife/friend in front of you, to touch you or anything for that matter. You are free to think what you want but keep it to yourself...otherwise you will be publicly called out and trust me, we share it. I don't know the woman who originally posted this, but I stand behind her and shared it....my friends shared it. We will not put up with this kind of behavior anymore. You have been warned.

Bright Blessings,