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Sunday, April 10, 2016

You're Not The Boss of Me! (Dorian Wallace)

I am posting in Raina's stead this week because she is still recovering from her recent illness.

Tying into Friday's show and a post from a friend last night, I am reminded of how many times Witches get told that they're doing it wrong by other Witches. Listen, regardless of which path you follow, whether you are in your first of fiftieth year, deviation from formulas and ceremonies are okay. Like Christoper Penczak pointed out, his spells and instructions are guidelines and he encourages his students....in fact, requires them, to write their own spells. If you want to be a successful spell-caster you will have to learn how to FEEL the magick and direction you're going rather than relying on memorizing someone else's words. But when you are starting out, it's a good place to start.....just don't stay there.

No, there is no Council or Corporate Coven that is in charge of all the Witches in the world. No one is coming to repossess your wand, or take your books if you don't follow their "law."  You may belong to an organization, Coven or group that has certain rules or ceremonies they use that you are asked to keep to the letter, but that's not what I'm talking about here. No one should try to dictate your private practices, no one should speak for you unless you ask them to and NO ONE should tell you you're doing it wrong if it works for you. Does glitter help you focus on your intent? Throw that shit in! Is it easier for you to make Poppets and figures out of Play-dough? Fuck yeah! Get a jar in every color and work the appropriate herbs and oils into it! Anointing your candles with flavored lip balm? Why the hell not? It may be unprecedented according to some, but if it WORKS for you and you feel that's the right thing for YOU, do it to it Baby.

To the Witches out there attacking other Witches for not doing it the way you deem to be proper....shame on you. Stop it, like seriously. What if I came in and told you that the latest painting was total shit because you didn't use blue and purple? What if I came in and started telling you how to raise your children, what music to listen to, what food to cook or how inappropriate your beloved fur baby was for your household and it would have to go? You'd be pissed. Gentle guidance is what is needed, especially with the young ones. Absolutely, when they ask questions tell them what works/worked for you. Suggest different points of view and experience, but your experience does not make that particular way the authority. We are all a part of this global community and have different ways, so let's share without shame. Be nice or keep your opinion to yourself ;)

Bright Blessings and much love to you all!