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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Happy Place (Dorian Wallace)

Some people can go into a trance or sit stone still for meditation with no problem....me, not so much. I tried, Goddess knows, but I just get distracted. Un-focusing becomes very frustrating when I try to follow the guide of others. I recently read an article where the author had the very same problem and their suggestions on what helps them meditate.

So, what helps me, might not help you....but Pinterest has become my happy place and where I can kind of zone out and meditate. I am more visual and scent oriented. I will put on my favorite perfume and browse through my boards or look for new pins. It may sound silly, but I take comfort in Thunderstorms, dark places, Autumn and Winter scenes, Arts Deco and Nouveau, foggy weather, mostly dark stuff.

I often get sucked down rabbit holes, but for me, that is part of the process. I jump from image to image and will come across one that triggers a dream memory, or something I had been confused about before will suddenly make sense. You can take a look at most of my boards because they are public. There are a few I have as personal manifestation boards, or just for me boards. And here I thought Pinterest was going to be just some place to get new recipes....mind you, I have plenty of those as well, because I like to cook and bake.  My latest board is dedicated to a meal that will not happen for another three seasons! For some reason I got it in my head a few weeks ago that this year for Christmas Eve, (we always spend the day with our family), I want to do a Charles Dickens type of meal. I have always been a Halloween time of year gal, always!

Regardless, do what works for you, this is just another option. Would love to see what works for everyone, hope to see other blogs posting about this. Until next time, may you all have a wonderful week. Desperate House Witches will not be on this Friday, the 10th. We return the 17th.