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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Love and Acceptance (Dorian Wallace)

Today is my 10th Anniversary, so I am spreading the love. There has been a lot of anger and arguing in the air the past few years...everyone is on edge to some degree. It is important to spend some time practicing self love, love for friends, family, neighbors and fellow Earthlings.

There has been something bothering me lately though, a small sect of Pagans has made it their mission to exclude men and transsexual females. I will play Devils advocate for a moment.....what a Coven or group decide to practice in their circle is their business....whether any of us agree with it or not, (barring criminal activity). With that said, I do not practice any particular path, I am a Witch. I am also a woman. Let me get something straight here....no one and I repeat, no one's genitalia, way of living, political or religious affiliation takes away from my femininity. When I would like to connect with a Goddess, having a man or a transitioning female standing next to me in circle doesn't keep me from achieving my goal. I would rather stand in magick, or anywhere for that matter, with strong individuals secure in who they are than with a bunch of bitter woman who are angry at the world.

Anger, judgment and fear take from your peace. How can you ask for kindness from the Goddess when you condemn and vilify her children? How can you ask for favor when you would shun who you judge? You can't, it's that simple. If you are so weak in your self conviction that the way someone else chooses to live and express themselves can stop you in your tracks...you have far bigger issues to deal with and probably shouldn't be practicing magick. You certainly shouldn't think you are any kind of authority on how women should be treating others. Screw you, you don't speak for me, you don't represent me and I want nothing to do with cliques. Personally, as long as people are not asshole I'm cool with them...regardless of what they have between their legs. I care what's between their ears.

Go out and love each other. If you are finding yourself ostracized or being bullied by a particular group, please reach out. You are loved, you are accepted and you will be included by the majority of the Pagan Community.