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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Solstice- The Mirth of Pan (Danette Wilson)


The god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds and rustic music, and companion of the nymphs.
God of fields, groves, and wooded glens. Goat man of erotica, music and our muse.

"Hermes . . . came to Arkadia (Arcadia), the land of many springs and mother of flocks, there where his sacred place is as god of Kyllene (Cyllene). For there, though a god, he used to tend curly-fleeced sheep in the service of a mortal man, because there fell on him and waxed a strong melting desire to wed the rich-tressed daughter of Dryopos (Dryops), and there he brought about the merry marriage. And in the house she bare Hermes a dear son who from his birth was marvellouse to look upon, with goat's feet and two horns--a noisy, merry-laughing child.”

God of wild nature. He was an uncivilized god in a civilized world. Much like the goat, which could never truly be domesticated and our reminder to connect with the wild green world. Fun and mischief now.

Summer Solstice and a Full Moon

The Celts, the Norse, and the Slavs believed that there were three ‘spirit nights’ in the year when magic abounded and the Otherworld was near. The first was Halloween, the second was May Eve, and the third was Midsummer Eve.

On June 20th there will be a rare event as there will be a Full Moon on the Summer Solstice. This has not happened in more than 70 years. You can watch live athttp://live.slooh.com/.

Full Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon, time of nature emerging, abundance, power, balance, vision. The air is ripe, birds are singing. At night you can feel this moon’s warm, calm embrace.

This is a magical time of transformation as vibrations are changing. As we raise our vibrations from that which no longer suits us and our path, there is also a falling away in our lives, friendships, family, career, habits, behaviors, thoughts. We find we reevaluate everything for growth. Inside change creates outside change. We find there are interruptions we do not have time for any longer on our path. We’ve been through hell and back to evolve and simply will not let things interrupt our peace.

The Solstice marks that point in our lives. We are now so magically awake and aware. We see t he world as it is, without rose colored glasses and release the pain, disappointment and hurt.

The fires we light tonight come to symbolize what we are passionate about. Things we want to bring to light.

Solstice Spread:

Place card 1 in the center of the spread and fan out all other cards around the center – like rays emanating from the sun.

1. You, at this moment – vibrant and alive. The Sun center.
2. Something that needs to come to light.
3. Something you are wildly passionate about you should focus in this summer.
4. Something that is beginning right now that will grow throughout the year.
5. A pleasant surprise coming to you this summer.
6. What do you need to let go of?
7. What part of you is awakening as the wheel turns towards the first harvest?

Don’t be afraid.
No holding back.
Be true to yourself, as you walk your sacred path.
Continue believing in your dream!
Don’t settle for less.
Feel the Magic.