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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dancing With Dark Moon Lilith (Danette Wilson)

Lilith entered Scorpio May 22, 2016 and she will remain in the 8th sign of sex, money, power, depth psychology and shadows as the most soulful, trans-formative of signs, in her queendom until February 14, 2017.

Lilith in Scorpio, sex, power, Dark Goddess rises……

Intense and emotionally obsessive with many power struggles between men and women as women storm the world’s stage to take back their power.

Lilith’s shadow has been repressed for 5,000 years. But the Goddess is Returning, as she is in her own cycles of ebb and flow and billions of women are feeling her power and remembering that she has always been living in their souls.

In SCORPIO she will rise up through everyone’s subconscious.

The more Lilith/our shadow is repressed, the more the dark side is acted out.

This suppression brings out the unconscious desire to manipulate others with sex, power, manipulation and money. This is the unconscious shadow, cruelty, sex addicts, criminals, vices, hatred, revenge, prostitution, debasement, lack of self-respect. Acting as an emotional manipulator, being ruthless, selfish, narcissistic, and cunning all come from suppressing Lilith energy.

She’s been to your basement and seen what you’ve got going on down there. In Scorpio there’s no BS about why we’re here and what’s going on.

Messages from the other side, from your earlier selves as well as spirits good and ill abound during this period. Transformation can only come if we are willing to integrate the dispatches coming through.

The visceral backdrop behind our words and inner images now takes on a sense of urgency, a certain intensity, that moves to increase, deepen and intensify our emotions, testing us with yet another call, for deeper, stronger more powerful inner transformations. As our emotions are intensified, we are moved from our very core, and also from deep down in our collective and unconscious roots.

We uncover the divine light, by first needing to search through the dark.

Mistrust, paranoia, the compulsion to control and an insatiable need to test the loyalty of loved ones is a tendency of BML in Scorpio. This period holds power like no other.

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