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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Midsummer Night Dreamwork (Dorian Wallace)

It's not news that I am not a Summer person....do not enjoy heat, bugs....most of them anyway....lightning bugs/ fireflies are magickal. I do rather enjoy a good Summer thunderstorm as well. We had one here Friday night that popped up during the last ten minutes of our show and it knock both Raina and I's power out. Storms are an excellent recharge, if you can imagine the electricity surrounding you and refilling your cells. If you find comfort in the dark skies with flashes that momentarily draw your pupils tight and the rumbling sounds or huge splitting cracks, then you can use storms to your advantage. Cast magick for change, transition and power.

Summer is also water season. Water is wonderful for grounding, change and money. Swimming your cares away, or washing them away under a water fall, letting them float away with the ocean tide....water is an amazing ally. On a recent show, Devin Hunter joined us and clued us into how water is very good for money magick and how he keeps a fish tank on his money altar. Who knew?

So, even if you are waiting impatiently for Autumn like me, go out and find a bit of magick during this Summer Season...even if it's mostly at night.