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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Silence Is Better Than Bullshit. (Dorian Wallace)

Ah, tis the season! The sun blazes high in the sky, the flowers and trees are buzzing with birds and bugs, swimming and cookouts going on, and the Pagans are quarreling......wait, what? Yes....the annual running of the bullshit is in full swing.

If you're new to the path and community, this is the season when tensions run high, someone says something that is taken the wrong way or out of context, and before the OP can explain it too late....the gangs are already forming and launching their attacks. With the application of social media and the saturation of social justice warriors, it has gotten ridiculous and out of hand.

Social justice has it's place and I am all for sticking up for those being wronged, I am very much a civil and human rights activist. There are some issues that really don't need the Keyboard Calvary....seriously. Before you saddle up your horse, maybe ask what was meant by the statement? Otherwise it devolves into a hot mess where this one is not speaking to that one, "and here's why you shouldn't either!!"

Hopefully we will figure out the social media balance and take our fingers off the trigger. Some have, but others always seem ready for a fight or to get in the fray....I was one not so long ago, I get it. As Pagans, we don't always have to get along, but we should not create fuel for those who would oppress us. For every person that agrees with your stance in the argument, there are a handful from the outside who have made a judgement on our community based on your actions.

Now we sing kumbaya.....kidding. These are my personal observations and opinions, but as I slowly creep toward being an elder in my beloved community, I beg of you to take a deep breath and consider if it's worth it. I for one don't want to see the new generation already pitting against each other because they jumped on one side or the other. It's okay not to engage.

Bright Blessings and love to you all!